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Things to Consider When in China (BISS)


  • Ensure your child is fully vaccinated according to Chinese immunization schedule or check the, “Travel Health”, to learn disease risks.
  • Protect the skin with sun screen during the summer and moisturizers during the winter.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of clean water (bottle) both during summer and winter. Periodically supplement with mineral water to replenish mineral not found in bottle water.
  • Always use a certified pharmacy and bring an extra copy of prescription.
  • Always check the strength of even familiar medications as the ingredients may be different.
  • We would recommend that you do not buy antibiotics over the counter as these should be prescribed by a doctor.
  • Be sure to check out hospitals/clinics before your child is actually sick. Please make sure the school nurse is aware of any medical condition you child may have.
  • The ambulances do not usually have paramedic crews and often the quickest way to hospital is by car. Almost all local medical services are pre-paid, so when calling an ambulance, let them know you will pay for the service and request a paramedic crew. Ambulance service is about 1000RMB.  Ambulance -120
  • In the event of an accident you may have to use a local hospital initially but later be transferred to a hospital of your choice. Keep an envelope of cash (5000 – 10,00RMB) in a secure place at home (such as a metal safe) as medical emergency fund.
  • Carry your passport, insurance number and an address card of your chosen hospital with you.



Information contained on this sheet is intended to be a guide to help you handle minor injury/illness. The advice is by no means a replacement or discouragement to seeking medical attention.


The school has provided this information in good faith and cannot be held responsible for any mistakes/misinterpretations that may arise.


If in any doubt, please seek advice from a doctor.




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